My books

In 2015 I co-authored Attacco ai Pirati (La Stampa), an investigative instant ebook about Italian security company Hacking Team and its hack.

In June 2014 I published an ebook about Deep Web, darknets, Silk Road, black markets, hacktivism, Anonymous. It is an in-depth on-field reportage where I interviewed many sources, from cyberactivists to cybercriminals. It is the first Italian book that can be purchased in Bitcoin as well. It is also the first Italian ebook that provides a self-updating edition.

Also, 15 % of my royalties will be donated to Privacy International.


Deep Web. La rete oltre Google.
Personaggi, storie e luoghi dell’internet più profonda. Un ebook sull’internet nascosta, un’inchiesta in continuo aggiornamento




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In September 2012 I published an ebook about Anonymous, again an on-field long-form journalism reportage.
Dentro Anonymous. Viaggio nelle legioni dei cyberattivisti




Here an English version:
Inside Anonymous: A Journey into the World of Cyberactivism 



Here are some reviews:
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