Bio & Contacts

I’m Carola Frediani, an Italian journalist writing mainly about tech, internet, social media, with a focus on digital rights, surveillance, censorship, hacktivism.

I write for, Daily Dot, Wired Italy, L’Espresso, La Stampa and other news outlets. In the past I wrote for Corriere della Sera,, Il SecoloXIX, il manifesto.

On this blog you find  a selection of the articles and stories I publish on different news outlets, plus some of my ramblings on these topics, or what I find interesting on the net.

You find me also on Twitter: @carolafrediani

See also: My PGP public key (I’m updating this, please ask me directly)

In 2010 I cofounded, an innovative journalism agency that produces every type of interesting journalistic products, from traditional reportage to infographics and motion-graphic videos.  Before that I worked for ten years as a web journalist at Totem, an independent media company founded by Italian internet pioneer Franco Carlini.

In 2014 I worked for three months as social media editor at La Stampa, supervising social media strategies.

I partecipated as a speaker or lecturer in many workshops and conferences about internet, journalism, and digital rights. Among them I like to pinpoint the ones in the International Journalism Festival, State of the Net (here a video in English where I talk of Deep Web), the Nexa Center for Internet and Society (here a video in Italian where I talk of the Nsa’s surveillance), UNICRI’s Cyber Threat Workshop. DEFTCON 2014 (talking about Bitcoin), Wired Next Fest (video in Italian, talking of Anonymous).